Midnight Betty

Dinner at Sandra’s

Posted on: 13/06/2010

So no sewing happened on Friday night. I was so shattered that I just got home and sat quietly till bedtime!

I spent quite a bit of Saturday afternoon cutting out and interfacing the rest of the diaper bag. Boy there are a lot of pieces! Interfacing is all ironed on and I just need to start stitching it together. Once I have something to show for all my work, I’ll take some photos of it! I hope it works out. I barely had enough of the pretty bee fabric to make up the big pocket I have planned for the inside of the bag. It’s a shame cause I was hoping to make a little bib out of the leftovers. Nevermind. I have some cute little fat quarters that I can use for a bib.

Because I was preoccupied with the cutting out, I didn’t get out to grab a pink zip for the front of the bag. I think a trip to McCulloch and Wallis is in order for lunch time on Monday. Yay! It’s so nice to do something sewing related at lunch time. Breaks up my day and I also get to be outside for a bit. While I’m there, I also need to grab a couple of pretty roses for Weng and his photo shoot this weekend. He’s doing a pinup style shoot and I’m going along to help and watch. I’m very excited!

So anyway, I would have quite happily kept on sewing through the evening (it was actually 4.50pm before I even looked at my watch!) but we had dinner plans with Sandra and her family. She served us Popiah for dinner. Weng took a most awesome picture of one that he made. Looks so good that its making me hungry just thinking about it. Popiah kinda like make it yourself spring rolls. Very cool! So much preparation went into her getting it all ready for us. I really appreciated it! We all had a great night and enjoyed the food. She also gave me a very nice book on how to make vintage handbags for my birthday. How sweet is she? I’ve got my eye on the Doris bag. Love the name and I think the bag is cute too!

So I’d best be on my way. I need to wake Weng from his afternoon nap!




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