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So its been a while since my last post. I’ve no excuses, I’ve just been slack!

I’ve been a bit busy going out and just enjoying this lovely weather. Well, it was lovely until today but a little bit of rain never killed anyone. Just makes a mess of all the public transport in London.¬† ūüôā

Weng and I took a trip out to the Dalston Mills Fabric store on¬†Ridley Road¬†last Saturday. He needed some cotton velvet for his pinup/retro photo shoot. He wants to set up an old movie star glamour look with the red velvet curtains.¬†All of my internet searching turned up that Dalston Mills had the cheapest at ¬£15 a metre.¬†It’s difficult to tell colours from the internet¬†so we went off to see the colours in person to decide.

On our way down Ridley Road, I was sidetracked by a big white sign that said Wilton School of Cake Decorating. I asked Weng if I could go and look. He said yes. So I ran in searching for cake decorating supplies. I was on the ground floor and all I could see was party stuff. I circled, once, twice and then feeling like someone was playing a joke on me, saw a sign that said cake decorating upstairs. Whew!

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights because the lady at the counter¬†asked if she could help me. I told her that it was like Christmas up here and that¬†I didn’t know what to look at first!

This shop was a very fortuitous find as I needed some extra cupcake cases for the cupcakes I was making to take to work on Monday.¬†I picked up two new sets, one yellow, one purple. I also saw some of the taller cup-shaped ones that I thought would go great with my peanut butter cupcakes. Bought two sets of those. ūüôā¬†And then, cause they were too cute to go past, some mini cupcake cases. You know, I really have no idea how long you’d bake a mini cupcake for. I think I have some experimenting to do!

I left the store with only my few purchases (and I believe I showed admirable restraint!) and then Weng and I continued our search for the Dalston Mill Fabric shop.

After a few minutes of slogging through people and vegetable stalls, we arrive at the fabric shop. Walking in, I didn’t think there would be much there. Boy was I wrong! We wander on in and its like an Aladdin’s cave! It just got bigger and bigger the further in we went. There is fabric EVERYWHERE! I mean literally everywhere!

I stared around dazedly wondering what to touch first while Weng asked¬†for assistance from the dearest lady in a wonderful pink polka dot dress. She was so polite and pleasant. It was the nicest service I’ve ever received in a fabric shop in London. I’m not joking!

After telling her what we needed and why, she kindly brings out two rolls of velvet, one a rich and vibrant red, the other a claret/wine colour. I posed in front of both of them and we decided that the claret was a nicer colour. Weng asked for her to cut him six metres in three metre lots which she did.

While Weng was watching her cut it, I spotted a lovely purple¬†border print silk. It had a lovely beige pattern on one edge. I dragged it out of the rack to touch it and examine it in more detail. I wonderingly ask another lady what its made out of. Its silk. Duh, of course it would be!!!!¬†I have a knack for¬†finding the most expensive fabrics in a shop!¬†I wistfully ask how much it is. ¬£15.99 a metre, yikes! My face falls. Weng asks if I really like it and I meekly squeak out a “yes, I really do!” He said, “well how much do you need for a dress? I’ll buy it for you”. I gaped at him for a second¬†and then shrugged and gave my usual answer, “maybe two metres – two and a half”. The kind lady helping us said, go for three metres, it will be better. I gulped and said, “oh ok then”. Weng didn’t even flinch and just forked out for it. She cuts it and packages it up and I’m standing there all starry-eyed not believing that I have three metres of gorgeous silk in my hot little mitts!

As I stand there, I’m mentally going through all the dress patterns I have at home that would suit this border print. I’m thinking a v-neck empire line dress with flowy sleeves. I don’t think I have a pattern like this at home but I am sure I could draft one up.

Here is a picture of the fabric for your viewing pleasure. What do you all think? Gorgeous huh? That’s Dolly the Dressmaking Dummy modelling it for me. I’m a bit camera shy!

I had such a great day on Saturday. Definitely need to go out and visit those shops again!




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