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So its late and we’ve just gotten back from a day trip to Bath. It was pretty interesting. I enjoyed wandering around the ancient Roman Bath. The water is looking a bit grubby now that there is no cover over the top of the main pool. Saw a duck swimming in it when we first arrived. Wonder if he likes the warm water? He didn’t hang around for long so that might be a no.

As I type, I’m watching Tiny. He’s not doing it now but he has been trying to eat the balloon attached to the flowers that I was sent by my two brothers and two sisters-in-law for my birthday tomorrow. I have presents and cards to open tomorrow as well as a surprise from Weng. I’ve been told I need to be dressed and ready to leave the house by 10am tomorrow. It’s a surprise and a secret! I can’t believe he hasn’t spilt the beans! I’m so impressed.

You know, I feel spoilt this birthday for some reason. Maybe its all the cards and pressies that are sitting next to my bed waiting to be opened. Ok, its only three or four cards and three pressies but still, this year it feels kinda extravagant for some reason. Can’t put my finger on why.

Anyway, I think that’s it for today. I’m off to bed. I feel a cold coming on and I need to sleep it away.

Bye for now.


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