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This Saturday Weng and a friend of his are doing a pin-up style photo shoot. They have the most awesome model booked and I’m very keen to meet her. I so chuffed that I’m going along! I may not stay the whole shoot but I’d be keen to just see a few shots and help out where I can.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to show you the cigarette box that Weng and I have been making. We went out on Saturday looking for some black wrapping paper. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. But fortunately, we found this box file instead. It’s already a nice shiny black and we only have to cover the inside in velvet. How cool is that?! Both Weng and I were chuffed!

So we spent a bit of time on Sunday evening making up some paper pattern pieces to pin to the velvet. Its easier than marking directly on the velvet as it tends to slip and slide like a demon! Once all the pieces were cut out, I covered the edges in some stuff called Fray Check. It stops fabric from unravelling. It seems to have helped quite a bit.

When I get home from work tonight, I’ll make a couple of holes in the side so I can attach the ribbon to go around her neck. I’ve got some silver rivets at home so that should be pretty easy to do. Then we will be sticking the velvet to the box. More pictures to follow once the glue has set and its all done.

I’m so excited! I love crafting projects! Especially ones that let me use velvet! Weng has kindly let me have all the rest of the velvet. I don’t know what to make with it first! Hee hee hee! I’m thinking some really cute little velvet bows but not sure what for. Shoes? A little bow brooch? Actually, I’ve got some brooch pins coming from U-Handbag some time this week. Either way, I’ll put up a picture of whatever it is that I make and write a little tutorial for it too.

Oh and I almost forgot! Did a quick little run to McCulloch and Wallis at lunch time today and picked up the most gorgeous silk flower for the model’s hair. Cost a fortune but I don’t care. I’d be happy to wear it myself, it’s just so pretty! I think it would go wonderfully with the navy polka dot dress I have planned. Well, planned for when I finally finish off all of the my handbags that are on my list to make! I also bought the zip for the Diaper Bag, some medium-sized silver press studs and some snaps and a tool to attach them to the fabric.

Before leaving for work this morning, I managed to sew the handles up for the diaper bag and mark up where the zip will be sewn in. I’m excited and nervous. I’ve never put a zip in like this. I really hope it works out. I have faith in Lisa’s instructions so I know I will be totally fine. I’ll put a picture up of it once its done. I know its only a zip and probably won’t be all that interesting, but hey, what the heck, it’s a sewing blog, right?

Anyway, thats it from me for today.




So no sewing happened on Friday night. I was so shattered that I just got home and sat quietly till bedtime!

I spent quite a bit of Saturday afternoon cutting out and interfacing the rest of the diaper bag. Boy there are a lot of pieces! Interfacing is all ironed on and I just need to start stitching it together. Once I have something to show for all my work, I’ll take some photos of it! I hope it works out. I barely had enough of the pretty bee fabric to make up the big pocket I have planned for the inside of the bag. It’s a shame cause I was hoping to make a little bib out of the leftovers. Nevermind. I have some cute little fat quarters that I can use for a bib.

Because I was preoccupied with the cutting out, I didn’t get out to grab a pink zip for the front of the bag. I think a trip to McCulloch and Wallis is in order for lunch time on Monday. Yay! It’s so nice to do something sewing related at lunch time. Breaks up my day and I also get to be outside for a bit. While I’m there, I also need to grab a couple of pretty roses for Weng and his photo shoot this weekend. He’s doing a pinup style shoot and I’m going along to help and watch. I’m very excited!

So anyway, I would have quite happily kept on sewing through the evening (it was actually 4.50pm before I even looked at my watch!) but we had dinner plans with Sandra and her family. She served us Popiah for dinner. Weng took a most awesome picture of one that he made. Looks so good that its making me hungry just thinking about it. Popiah kinda like make it yourself spring rolls. Very cool! So much preparation went into her getting it all ready for us. I really appreciated it! We all had a great night and enjoyed the food. She also gave me a very nice book on how to make vintage handbags for my birthday. How sweet is she? I’ve got my eye on the Doris bag. Love the name and I think the bag is cute too!

So I’d best be on my way. I need to wake Weng from his afternoon nap!



A while ago (read about three months ago!), I bought the lovely Pack it in Tote from Lisa at U-Handbag. It’s an awesome pattern and I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into it since I bought it.

My fiance’s little sis chose the Pack it in Tote after checking out all the patterns on Lisa’s website. She wanted a big bag as she carries a lot of stuff around with her. I love the expanding nature of this bag. Its pure genius! 

Because of that awesome expanding trait, I thought that this bag would also make a wicked diaper bag for a work friend who has had a baby. That and I’ve already got the pattern so why not just use it, right?

So this Saturday and Sunday, I will be spending some time cutting out and making up the diaper bag and also Tracy’s Pack it in Tote. I managed to a get a few pieces of the diaper bag cut out at work so I’ve made a good start so far. If my arms aren’t totally killing me by the end of the day (all due to a personal training session last night) I’ll cut out the rest of bag after dinner. I hate when my fitness routine interferes with my sewing! It’s just not on! Hee hee hee!

The diaper bag will be made out of this lovely browny-pink cotton fabric with cute little cream flowers on it. The lining will be a nice cream colour with little bees on it. Adorable! Perfect for a diaper bag if I ever saw it! My work mate chose the fabric so I can’t take any credit here!

My fiance’s little sis’s bag is going to be this cool, old-looking fabric with vintage cars and airplanes on it. It will have a black lining (I’ve had trouble matching the colour of the exterior fabric so black seems like my best bet). I have my doubts about a black lining. I worry it will make the bag difficult to locate things inside it, especially since the bag will be so big! But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I still have so many bag making lessons to learn!

Wish me luck! If you don’t see or hear from me over the weekend, it’s because I’m hiding under a mountain of fabric!



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