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A while ago (read about three months ago!), I bought the lovely Pack it in Tote from Lisa at U-Handbag. It’s an awesome pattern and I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into it since I bought it.

My fiance’s little sis chose the Pack it in Tote after checking out all the patterns on Lisa’s website. She wanted a big bag as she carries a lot of stuff around with her. I love the expanding nature of this bag. Its pure genius! 

Because of that awesome expanding trait, I thought that this bag would also make a wicked diaper bag for a work friend who has had a baby. That and I’ve already got the pattern so why not just use it, right?

So this Saturday and Sunday, I will be spending some time cutting out and making up the diaper bag and also Tracy’s Pack it in Tote. I managed to a get a few pieces of the diaper bag cut out at work so I’ve made a good start so far. If my arms aren’t totally killing me by the end of the day (all due to a personal training session last night) I’ll cut out the rest of bag after dinner. I hate when my fitness routine interferes with my sewing! It’s just not on! Hee hee hee!

The diaper bag will be made out of this lovely browny-pink cotton fabric with cute little cream flowers on it. The lining will be a nice cream colour with little bees on it. Adorable! Perfect for a diaper bag if I ever saw it! My work mate chose the fabric so I can’t take any credit here!

My fiance’s little sis’s bag is going to be this cool, old-looking fabric with vintage cars and airplanes on it. It will have a black lining (I’ve had trouble matching the colour of the exterior fabric so black seems like my best bet). I have my doubts about a black lining. I worry it will make the bag difficult to locate things inside it, especially since the bag will be so big! But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I still have so many bag making lessons to learn!

Wish me luck! If you don’t see or hear from me over the weekend, it’s because I’m hiding under a mountain of fabric!




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