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Forgive the dodgy iphone photo but it was late and I was in a hurry

This post is in honour of our German guests, Jess and Lucas. Weng first met Lucas through a coffee forum and when Lucas was coming to London for the World Barista Championship, they met up for a coffee and a chat. The next time they came to London, we invited them to stay with us instead of paying for a hotel.  Since then, we have had Jess and Lucas stay with us once again and it’s always a pleasure to see them. I love having them as our guests! The cats also enjoyed having them around. Indi did go a little bit loopy but I think that was because he didn’t know who to lick first. 🙂   

I created this purse on the fly for Jess as her purse was broken and she seemed sad about it. She asked if it could be fixed but unfortunately, it could not be. The frame was broken on one side. Jess wanted one similar to her old one but not the same and so this is the result. The reason it is so tall is that it has to hold her student card in it.  It has a round base which is gathered into little random pleats. It can hold a surprising amount and she can get her little hand in it too.  She seemed quite pleased at that. 🙂  

So all in all, she was delighted with the new purse. She kept showing it to Lucas and saying how much she liked it. I was so pleased! It was a rush job but I think I did ok. I just hope the glue holds! She especially loved the fabric. We had checked out my fabric stash a few nights before but nothing really got her attention until I bought home my latest order from U-Handbag which included this gorgeous fabric. I think it’s so cute! I love the colour and wish I had of bought more. I can’t seem to find this anywhere anymore which is a shame. I think it would make a wicked top. The frame is also from Lisa’s shop. I have one more as well as two round ones about the same size. They’re too cute and I think I’m going to have to make up a few more of these.  

Jess left me her old purse which is a lovely circular style purse. I’ll be unpicking that in the near future and making a pattern from it. I love different bag and purse patterns. I think I’m becoming a bit of a collector of bag patterns! I didn’t realise how many I had till I tried to sort them out today! It’s a job for another day I think! I’m just so glad that I got my sewing room sorted out with some new boxes and organisers. I’ll post pictures of that tomorrow once I’ve folded up my fabric nicely for the photo.  

Notes for next time. I’d like some more puffiness at the top so I might add a few pleats next time to give it a rounder shape. Definitely going to make the bottom a bit bigger as it will make it easier to sew. It was a bit fiddly trying to get right. Probably won’t make it as tall next time too which will also help with the puffiness. I used some sew-in interfacing instead of the fleece I would normally use. This worked much better as it wasn’t quite so thick.  

So that’s all from me today. I know its been a long time between this and my past post. I’ll try to get blogging more regularly again soon, I promise. Not that I have a band of loyal readers I need to worry about disappointing right now, hee hee hee!


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