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This bookshelf holds (most!) of my fabric. I have a tiny bit still stashed in the green suitcase under the window but shh, don’t tell Weng!

Now that I finally tidied up my sewing room, I thought it a good time to ask Weng to take a few photos of it for me. It doesn’t stay in this state for very long, especially when I’m cutting out stuff! It’s a shame that it was night when he took the photos. I have a lovely view out my window to our internal courtyard. Its really quite pleasant. The pink boxes on the bookshelf contain my handbag making findings. I bought the boxes from WH Smith. They’re meant to be desk organisers but work really well holding all my junk!You can see my red petticoat that I made to wear to my brother’s wedding hanging up. I have no idea what to do with it or where to put it so it stays to inspire me in my room. Took me ages to make and I don’t have the heart to throw it out.  


My padded out Dolly. One day soon I hope to be able to remove most of her padding


This lovely lady is Dolly the Dummy. I’ve padded her to my shape. Took me a whole weekend to get it right and I still can’t get the bum to look like mine. I guess its not all that much of a problem since I really only wanted her to help me fit my shoulders and bust.
My stuffed toy collection is on the top of this bookshelf. Weng and I love books and have quite a collection! I have no idea how we’ll get them home to Australia. Thankfully we both read the same type of books i.e. Sci Fi otherwise there would be a lot more books on the shelf!
Weng also loves to collect cookbooks. I’m also a bit of a cookbook collector but mostly books to do with cake baking. My favourite is still the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. There are so many cakes in there I have yet to try out! The cupcake recipes in it are no brainers. I’ve not yet had one of them fail on me.

Indi loves to sleep on the floor in my sewing room. He's a great little buddy.


Here’s one of my kitties. This is Indi, he’s my little sewing buddy. His brother, Tiny, was feeling a bit shy when Weng was taking photos.
My boys keep me company when I sew. Usually they sleep on the floor at my feet or on the suitcase under the window. Sometimes they are even up on the table with me to make sure I’m doing it right!
They are such cuties and Tiny murmurs and chats to me all day while I sew. It’s so lovely!
So there is my sewing room. I try so hard to keep it this way but it never lasts! At least I have pictures now so I can see what it should look like!



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